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Herbal Ascent

Strawberry Bliss ~ Signature Collection

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The sweetest and fruitiest candle that will arouse your nose causing you to feel smooth and vibrant. Please light with caution, the blend of strawberry and freshness may leave you craving some freshly squeezed strawberry lemonade or maybe a slice of moist strawberry cream cake!

Each Candle:

  • Organic bamboo infused wooden wicks
  • is slow-burning
  • is hand-poured
    • 100% Soy-Coconut Blend Wax
    • comes with real flower petals
    • is infused with herbs to promote healthy living
    • is infused with love


    Each order contains a candle care card with detailed directions on how to properly care for your candles for maximum burn efficiency. 

    Herbal Ascent’s candles are not just your average everyday candles. They are herb infused luxury candles that provide a 3 in 1 benefit. They look good, smell good,  and are good for you! We offer a variety of aromas to chose from. They are infused with herbs(a full list of herbs and their benefits is located on the herbs page of the website) to promote healthy living. They are made with 100% pure coconut-soy blend which is the most organic and natural type of wax. They feature single specialty x wooden wicks for a clean and smooth burn from edge to edge . Our jars hold 8 ounces creating a 48 hour burn time(if burned straight through). Be sure to always read your caution sticker located on the bottom of your candle for a clean and safe burn. 

     Eucalyptus, tea-tree, rosemary, camphor, geranium, lavender etc.